There are two key areas to focus on once a guest returns a second time.


1. Church Service Times

Again, it is very important to use your connection cards. First of all, this will tell you who are your returning guests. Also, this gives them an opportunity to get connected into the church.


2. Follow-Up

Just as with first time guests, it is essential immediately to follow up with returning guests. Obviously, any opportune time in this process to present the gospel, should be taken.


Send an email within the first 48 hours thanking them for coming and asking them to come back.

This email should try to get the returning guests involved with the church. Let them know about such things as your Adult Bible Fellowships, Children’s Ministries, upcoming activities, or a new sermon series that is coming up.

Gift at The Door


By Thursday, guests should receive another personal letter from the church. Another option is to leave a gift at the door in a bag with your church info on it or with a card from the church member delivering it attached.


Personal Visit or Meeting


A visit by the pastor or leader from an appropriate Adult Bible Fellowship teacher is an excellent way to follow-up on second-time guests. Another option would be to send the ones who first invited the guest, if they are qualified to make such a visit.

The priority of this meeting should be to make sure everyone understands or possibly has the opportunity to put their faith and trust in Christ.

This is an opportunity to enroll them into an Adult Bible Fellowship.

Sometimes it is impossible, or a person does not want an in-home visit. Sometimes the culture of the area will help you with this decision. A visit at a local coffee shop or in the pastor’s office is a good alternative.
Getting Them Engaged


Obviously, a returning guest is showing a desire to get more involved. They are looking for godly influences and godly relationships.

It is crucial in your follow-up to try your best to engage them in the church by offering opportunities for them.


Sunday School, Junior Church, and Adult Bible Fellowships

If possible, try to connect the guest with the appropriate aged Adult Class.

Follow your Adult Class Policies for incorporating them into the class.
Church Events
Family Nights, class activities, banquets…
Service Opportunities

Find opportunities for them to be able to get involved. An example would be that Bob and Sally invite unsaved friends to their Sunday School Class. The next week they could ask their guests to come early and help them set up the class.

I know this is a difficult area, but we need to think of ways that non-members and possibly non-believers can feel a connection to the church without giving them leadership roles.

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