Everyone, when they start their website always has the vision of keeping it up to date. But once it is up and running it gets out of date before they know it. Discouragement then sets in because after all that, work we are so far behind again.


Below are some simple steps to help keep your website up to date.


I   Spend time getting your site back up to date
There is nothing we can do about the past now, so get started again on the future. Clean up the site and make sure everything that you need on the site is there.
II  Know what is next
Do not move on without checking your calendar for what is next. Look for upcoming sermon series, special events, class events, holidays or other important church information. Schedule in your task manager or calendar when you need to remove any of the new items you added to your site. If you entered an event, set a reminder to remove it the day after the event. 
III Schedule in your task manager or calendar program when to do your next update – set up reminders.

Schedule when the next events or programs need to be entered onto your website. Do you want them entered a month or two weeks before the event? Once you know this, schedule the date to enter the event. Also, schedule the date for when text or graphics needs to be prepared.  If you want an event done two weeks before it starts, you need to give your graphics guy at least a week to prepare. Therefore, set a reminder for 1-2 weeks before you want to enter the event for the graphics.


Therefore, the following example needs to be set up as a reminder for each event.

January 26 – Send info to graphic designer, prepare text

February 9 – Enter event on website

February 23 – Date of event

February 24 – Remove event
This sounds like a lot, but if you do it each time that you enter an event, then it only takes about 2 minutes to plan.

Make sure you are following these steps for each item on your church calendar. Another great tip is to have all your graphics prepared six months at a time this way you only need to work on them twice a year.