As a young church, the outreach programs and efforts may look quite different than an established church.  To be effective, you, of course, must follow the Lord and bathe everything in prayer.  When planting a church, a pastor and his family are sometimes forced to think outside of the box.  Most of these ideas are not original to us but have been blessed by God to reach people with the Gospel.


1. Door to Door Canvassing
  • Start right away. Outreach on a small scale is better than no outreach.  You don’t have to have every “box checked” to reach people with the Gospel.
  • Even if you don’t knock on every door, getting your church folks into the community passing out literature or hanging door hangers is a good place to start.


2. Local Town Festivals
  • We have one weekend a year that we set-up a 10’x10’ tent at our local Spring Mountain Festival.  3-4 ladies from our church offer free QUALITY face painting to children 12 and under.  While they are waiting in line, we have church people ready with invitations and gospel literature to hand out to their parents.  The people come to us, and it becomes a great opportunity to meet new people and make many new contacts.


3. Tailgate Sunday
  • On the Sunday before football season begins, we invite the local high school football team, coaches, and families to attend our Sunday morning service.  We rent a local art center as a neutral location to host the Sunday service.  After church, we feed all the players and their families.


4. Wild Game Dinner
  • Our area has a big outdoor culture.  We host a “Critter Dinner” and give away door prizes.  Between the wild game meal and the prize  drawings, we have a guest speaker preach the gospel.


5. Facebook Advertising
  • For just a few dollars a day, you can boost a post on your church Facebook page.  Whether it is a well-designed graphic or a video, this is a very cost-effective way to get your church in front of people where they are already looking.


6.Presence at Community Events
  • If your family is new to a community, allowing people to see your whole family at sporting events, community-organized events, etc. will help you relate to others and build credibility.
  • While a church calendar can fill up with inward focused events, which are not all bad, we have noticed that our church family love activities that allow them to serve the community in which we live.


7. Context is Key
  • We live in small-town West Virginia.  What works here may not work  in Los Angeles or NYC, and vice versa.  While the message is always the same, find the creative methods that work in your culture and get the Gospel to the people God has called you to.